DateSermon TitleScripture Speaker Listen
11/5/2017Faithless TearsNum 13:31-33Vic Tayloraudio
10/29/2017Vocational HealthI Cor 10:-6Erick Grahamaudio
10/22/2017Support Your Leaders Erick Grahamaudio
10/22/2017Financial Health Erick Grahamaudio
10/15/2017Relational Health Erick Grahamaudio
10/8/2017Emotional Health Greeters Bruce Lawrenceaudio
10/8/2017Emotional Health Happy Church2 Timothy 2:17Jerry Johnsonaudio
10/1/2017Missional MindsetRomans 12:3-21Erick Grahamaudio
10/1/2017Mental HealthRomans 12:2Erick Grahamaudio
9/24/2017My Bod God's Temple1 Cor 6:19-20Vick Tayloraudio
9/17/2017TransformationMatt. 4:18-20Vick Tayloraudio


Spiritual HealthRomans 12:1-2Erick Grahamaudio


Taking it to Satans Backyard I Cor 9:19Tommy Jobeaudio


Who's In Your ChariotI Kings 20Vic Taylor audio


What is the Church Who is it ForMatt 23:13Erick Graham audio


Finishing StrongI Cor 9:26-27Erick Grahamaudio
8/27/2017Poverty within the Church Erick Grahamaudio
8/27/2017Going the Distance Erick Grahamaudio
8/20/2017Sunday Morning Mission Erick Grahamaudio
8/20/2017TimePsalm 90Erick Grahamaudio
8/6/2017Spiritual SHAPE and FORMPsalm 139:1,13-16 Erick GrahamAudio

* Sermons prior to this date are available by contacting the church office.