Our programs are part of a strategic process that moves students from a beginning point to an ever-increasing level of commitment, depth and growth. This process uses our three main programs as steps to move students forward.

Step 1: IGNITED ~ Wednesdays 6:00-8:00

Ignited is our Wednesday night worship service for teens. It is the beginning point for the teen ministry. We start the night off at 6:00 by joining with the rest of the church family for the Faith Family Feast dinner in the main worship center. At 6:30 our worship service starts at the youth chapel building. During the Ignited worship service teens will experience corporate worship in song, biblical teaching designed for teens to understand and small groups where students can connect with other students and adult leaders. 

Step 2: Sunday Bible Study ~ Sundays 10:00-10:50

Our Sunday Bible study time is where students participate in a more in depth study of God's word. Small groups give students an opportunity to discuss and apply the Bible to their lives. As students grow in their faith they can use this step in the process to become more disciplined in reading and studying God's word. 

Step 3: Faith Works ~ Once a month (announced on the Upcoming Events Page)

Faith Works is our monthly service opportunity where our students work together to serve people in our community. In this step of the process students get to act out what they believe by showing Christ's love in serving others. Through this monthly service opportunity teens learn to become outwardly focused instead of inwardly focused. (Philippians 2:3-4)
As students grow spiritually, they can become more involved in all three steps of our teen ministry as we provide opportunities to serve, lead, witness, encourage and challenge each other. 


For further information, please call the church office (903-675-4387) or send us an email.

Wednesday Youth Worship