SSBC Youth Group


The teen ministry of Sand Springs Baptist Church meets at 6:30PM on Wednesday nights, and at 10AM on Sundays in the Youth Chapel.


Students also regularly participate in their self-organized “Faith Works” events, which are team-building, neighbor serving, community service acts of love.


We strive to maintain a ministry centered around Jesus and His Great Commission for us by discipling teens through these five values:

1. Build relationships between students and adult mentors who love Jesus.

It is important for students to have adult mentors during this stage in life. As teens begin to get more and more independent their need for other adult influences that will point them toward Jesus is crucial in helping them develop their own faith. We accomplish this by integrating our programs with small groups led by godly men and women who volunteer their time to invest in the lives of teens.

2. Form a community where teens can fit in and be influenced for good. 

There are few things more difficult for teens to find than friends who influence for good and a place to fit in. These two things are common, just not together. When teens can feel like they belong in a community of other teens who share the same Christian beliefs they can stand much stronger against the destructive influences they face every day. Christianity is a team sport, we need teammates to help us succeed. (Hebrews 10:24-25) This is more important during the teenage years than any other time in a person's life.

3. Develop a culture where teens are comfortable having spiritual conversations.

We want to see teens become intentional about spiritual conversations because this is essential in forming healthy families, churches and individuals who are confident in discussing their relationship with Jesus with other people.

4. Present the gospel in a clear way so that everything we do ultimately points toward Jesus Christ.

The greatest message we have to tell is that it really is all about Jesus! We make an effort to center all of what we do around the gospel, the single most important thing we have to offer anyone.

5. Challenge teens to practice the disciplines that allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives.

Disciplines like prayer, personal Bible study, serving, evangelism and Christian community are hard work. But they open up our lives for the Holy Spirit to begin transforming us to be more like Christ. We encourage students to practice these disciplines, not out of legalistic compulsion, but out of a passionate desire to know Christ more.